Thursday, September 13, 2012

Colman’s, Always A Winner, at Natural Products Expo East 2012

Iconic Brand Colman’s of Norwich Delivers a Gourmet Kick at NPEE Booth #1217

Widely considered the mustard of choice the world over, Colman’s has a rich history as an iconic brand that sets the standard for complexity and versatility both as a condiment and a gourmet go-to ingredient in commercial and residential kitchens around the world. To experience the delicious spice and flavor that Colman’s Mustard adds to an array of dishes that keep guests coming back for more, stop by Liberty Richter’s booth # 1217 and sample Colman’s unforgettable, fiery-hot Prepared Mustard and Super Fine Dry Mustard Powder.

Colman’s Mustard is a natural way to add a kick of flavor to any healthy meal. Besides being made from locally grown, top-quality mustard seeds, Colman’s Mustard is free or preservatives and dyes, and contains only 10 calories per teaspoon. With a superior taste and unforgettable heat, Colman’s Mustard is a pantry staple for any discerning chef who wants to cook low-fat, flavorful, exciting, natural meals.  This year reach for Colman’s, the UK’s most celebrated mustard, for the ultimate ingredient and iconic quality that brings a smoldering kick to all dishes, from Hot Crab Dips this Football Season to Mustard Glazed Ham at Thanksgiving.

Not just another condiment in your cupboard, Colman’s is made from a blend of brown (Brassica Juncea) and white (Sinapis Alba) mustard seeds that are grown locally and processed at the Carrow factory on the outskirts of Norwich, England.  Since the beginning, Colman’s has harvested only the finest mustard seeds with a single-minded focus on the tradition that has made it the spicy mustard in the world’s most discerning households and commercial kitchens for nearly 200 years. The result: every minute of the day 45 jars of Colman’s Mustard are purchased all over the world.

Colman’s distinctive and incredibly flavorful mustards provide a slow-building heat that is not overpowering but instead adds unique layers of flavor to everything from Asian dishes to American grilling favorites. Household chefs and professionals agree that the fresh and zesty flavor integrates seamlessly into dressings, soups and stews, marinades, rubs, sauces and desserts adding an extra special kick of smoldering flavor.

Colman’s Prepared Mustard
Pure and natural zest makes Colman’s Prepared Mustard robust and truly gourmet. A dollop added to tuna salad, mashed potatoes, dips or whisked into olive oil and drizzled over grilled veggies gives a fiery kick to ordinary creations.

Colman’s Dry Mustard Powder
Colman’s Double Superfine Dry Mustard Powder is long-lasting and economical, with an ultra-fine consistency that delivers layers of flavor and maximum kick when added to mealtime and grilling favorites. A pinch of the 100% pure mustard powder perks up salad dressing, sauces and meat rubs, for smoldering flavor every time.

Visit Liberty Richter’s Booth #1217 for an unforgettable taste of Colman’s Mustard at this year’s Natural Products Expo.

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