Friday, March 25, 2011

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Known internationally for unforgettable spicy mustard, we at Colman’s of Norwich are excited to heat up America. As Britain’s most beloved mustard for nearly 200 years, we are pleased as punch to immigrate to this side of the pond to bring you the fiery, gourmet taste we’ve been known for by our Colman’s loyalists – the Queen herself included!

Since 1814, our prepared mustard and tins of dry mustard powder are made from a proprietary blend of brown (Brassica Juncea) and white (Sinapis Alba) mustard seeds processed at the Carrow factory on the outskirts of Norwich, England. Today, we carry forth our perpetual dedication to mustard by using only the finest mustard seeds and a single-minded focus on the tradition that has made it the spicy mustard from English pubs and palaces, to America’s most discerning household and commercial kitchens.

Our quality and zesty flavor integrates seamlessly into the demands of discriminating palettes the world over, so much so that every minute of the day 45 jars of Colman’s Mustard are purchased all over the world! Colman’s distinctive and incredibly flavorful mustards provide a slow-building heat that is not overpowering but instead adds unique layers of flavor to everything from Asian dishes to American grilling favorites. Toss in dressings, add to soups and stews, or make your next dinner party extra special with a mustard that serves as condiment, spice, and seasoning all rolled into one hot spoonful.

Widely considered the English mustard in the U.K, Colman’s has a rich history for turning heads of the royal order, as well. In 1866 Queen Victoria bestowed us the ultimate seal of approval - the Royal Warrant – galvanizing Colman’s as the crown jewel of mustards, securing its place in both commoner and royal kitchens alike.

In more modern times, chefs and foodies the world over consider Colman’s an iconic brand that is a cut above, calling on the smoldering flavor to deepen taste profiles and sets the standard for complexity and versatility as a condiment, seasoning and rub, or when added to soups, stocks and meat dishes. It’s our quality and the gourmet kick that keeps Colman’s at arm’s reach for discriminating palettes.

Let us know how you’re using Colman’s in your recipes and how you are completing your cooking with Colman’s!


The Colman’s Team